Home Technology A kitchen garden in the kitchen. Rotating technology allows planting vegetables inside …


A kitchen garden in the kitchen. Rotating technology allows planting vegetables inside …

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A kitchen garden in the kitchen. Rotating technology allows planting vegetables inside ...

Everyone knows how important it is to include fresh vegetables and herbs in the diet. The micronutrient vegetables and vitamins essential to food and growing them at home is better for the environment. However, if you do not have a garden, it is almost impossible to grow your own products.

Almost. Rotofarm is a circular farm without soil, which can be placed indoors and which allows the production of vegetables using zero gravity technology, illumination of the spectrum of sunlight and automation of intelligent applications.

According to Flow gadget, Rotofarm uses zero-gravity technology inspired by NASA to rotate the garden 360 ° per hour. This reduces the growth suppression effects on plants and allows them to grow fully. In addition, it encourages better water absorption, aeration of the roots and exposure to light.

According to Bace, an Australian biotechnology company that produces Rotofarm, studies at the International Space Station show that plants grow better in weightless environments, because nothing prevents the plant from absorbing water and nutrients. For this reason, they will grow more using less energy.

A low voltage motor and an internal power supply keep the “garden” running continuously. The uninterrupted rotation creates zero net gravitational pressure. The time that vegetables spend upside down neutralizes the time they spend upwards: they harvest water and nutrients when they are at the bottom of the rotation and the water drains when they reach the top.

Plants grow faster, using less water and without soil. The system uses 95% less water than if crops were grown in the soil and producers need to spend only about five minutes a week tending crops.

One of the benefits of Rotofarm is that it uses minimal space. The device is a cylinder that occupies 60 centimeters, and can be on a counter or table.

The technology also uses energy-efficient Sun + LED light and an optimized spectrum. It produces the full color spectrum of sunlight to optimize plant health and increase growth. In addition, the central position of the lamp on the Rotofarm ensures that plants receive constant lighting simultaneously, which encourages growth without wasting energy or space.

In addition, according to the New Atlas, it is possible to set an automatic stopwatch with the mobile phone app to coordinate lighting with sunset and sunrise, which will allow the light to automatically turn off and on, depending on the time of day, saving on energy costs.

No pesticides or harmful chemicals are needed. It is possible to grow a variety of vegetables: lettuce, kale, arugula, spinach, mint.

Rotofarm is easy to set up and use. There are only four steps. First, plant pre-seeded pods. Then fill the base with water and nutrients. Then monitor and control plant growth with the Rotofarm app. And finally, enjoy the harvest.


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