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Abstain of the Republican Left allows Sánchez's investiture

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Abstain of the Republican Left allows Sánchez's investiture

Fernando Villar / EFE

The ERC National Council (Left Republican of Catalonia) decided today to support the abstention of its 13 deputies in the vote of confidence to the Government, allowing the investiture of Pedro Sánchez as Prime Minister of Spain.

Parliament begins to debate Pedro Sánchez's investiture from 9am on Saturday (8am in Lisbon), as announced by Congresswoman Meritxell Batet.

The announcement was made shortly after ERC confirmed that it will facilitate Sánchez's investiture.

The debate will begin with Pedro Sánchez's speech to present his Government program. Following the intervention of the acting executive leader, it will be the turn of the leaders of the remaining political forces, who will have 30 minutes to present their reasons for accepting the new government, rejecting it or abstaining. Sanchez can answer if you wish.

When all the parliamentary groups have made their speeches, a vote will be held, scheduled for Sunday, the 5th – aloud – to elect the leader of the next government, and Sánchez must obtain 176 votes in favor.

In the event that you are more than likely not to reach this value, the session will be suspended.

On Tuesday, the 7th, the deputies return to Congress and Sánchez will make another speech, but this time with a time limit of 10 minutes. Representatives of other parties will have five minutes to respond.

In the end, Parliament votes again and Sanchez will be reelected if he reaches the simple majority. The PSOE leader already has 161 votes, but to take office the Government needs the abstention of the 13 members of the ERC.

The PSOE had planned to start the debate today, but the independence decision to call its meeting on the same day delayed the plans.

Sánchez did not think it appropriate to intervene in a plenary session of Congress without knowing the decision of Oriol Junqueras's party, although both the socialist leadership and the ERC were certain to abstain from the latter party.

Therefore, the federal meeting of the PSOE was convened for Friday, January 3, at 10:00 am (9:00 am in Lisbon), when the ERC decision is already known.

The PSOE federal board plenary agenda, made up of 50 members, has only one item: “Investiture Agreement”. The socialist leadership must approve the agreements with the partners needed for the endowment to advance, as well as the agreement with the United We Can for the future coalition government.


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