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After bug caused in Facebook SDK, apps for iPhone and iPad work again

by ace

Update (10/07/20) – JS

Original text (10/07/20)

Facebook decided to “sex it” this morning, delivering to users of Apple’s iOS and iPadOS systems, a series of bugs related to applications that have some kind of link to login through Mark Zuckerberg’s social network. When you try to open the application, it is immediately closed, as long as there is an internet connection.

To date, the apps that have had the most complaints have been TikTok, Nubank, Spotify, Waze and Tinder. The reports are being from all over the world, causing several complaints on the DownDetector website to be made. This bug has been affecting so many people that it has made it into the top trends of Twitter.

It is not new that Facebook has several problems with regard to the overall stability of the system, being one of the main mobile applications to have routine access failures. However, this time, the one responsible for the crash was an SDK that, according to a post made by developers on the company’s official forum, is present inside other apps.

This specific part of the code is linked to the Facebook login feature that many use as a way to facilitate access to applications and games, regardless of the operating system used, as is the case with the programs already mentioned and games, such as Free Fire, COD Mobile , NBA Live and Mario Kart.

Facebook took advantage of the forum to explain that it is aware of what is happening and continues to work to resolve the problem as soon as possible so that everyone can return to surfing smoothly on systems aimed at iPhone and iPad.

So, dear reader, were you affected by this bug?


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