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Albert Uderzo, creator of “Astérix”, died

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Albert Uderzo, creator of “Astérix”, died

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French illustrator Albert Uderzo, one of the creators of the comic strip of Asterix and Obélix, died at the age of 92, the family announced this Tuesday in a note sent to AFP.

"Albert Uderzo died in his sleep at his home in Neuilly of a heart attack, unrelated to Covid-19," said Bernard de Choisy, the son-in-law of the designer. "I was very tired, since several weeks ago".

With the death of Albert Uderzo, the two authors of the famous French comic strip, which already has six decades of existence, disappear. René Goscinny died in 1977.

Born on April 25, 1927, French and son of Italian parents, Uderzo signed the first adventures of Asterix, the Gaul, with René Goscinny, in 1959. The character first appeared in Portugal, on the pages of Foguetão magazine, on May 4, 1961.

In 1967, Astérix's first album in Portugal was published: “Astérix, o Gaulês”.

In 2011, the co-creator of Asterix and Obelix, who had taken on the continuation of the adventures, after Goscinny's death in 1977, passed the testimony to the designers Frédéric and Thierry Mébarki and the screenwriter Jean-Yves Ferri.

At the time, he said he was “a little tired”. “The years have passed and are heavy. I decided to leave this to younger authors, who have enough talent for the characters to survive ”, he said, when he was 84 years old.

The French newspaper Le Monde calls Urdezo “a monument, in every sense of the words”, which now disappears. Another French newspaper, Le Figaro, describes him as a “giant of monstrous talent”.

The stories about the small rebellious Gallic village, which resists Emperor Julius Caesar's Rome, sold nearly 400 million copies worldwide and gave rise to more than a dozen films. The stories of Astérix and Obélix are translated into more than 107 languages ​​and dialects.


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