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An Ending Hate: Anti-Semitism Has Many Faces

by ace
An Ending Hate: Anti-Semitism Has Many Faces

Far from Manhattan, things get ugly. In areas of Brooklyn like Williamsburg and small outlying communities where ultra-Orthodox Jews live, identified by traditional black clothes, hat, beard and curls, anti-Semitic aggressions have fired.

The last attack, or more recent, because sadly will not stop, was the unbelievable case of Grafton Thomas.

Armed with a machete, he entered a rabbi's house on Saturday night and attacked five people. The family was celebrating the Hanukkah, a religious holiday that, by simplification or assimilation, in addition to the coincidence of generally falling at the end of December, is identified as the "Jewish Christmas."

It is the one in which the nine arms of a chandelier are lit daily, reminiscent of one of the many ancient revolts of the surprisingly victorious Jewish people which led to the reconsecration of the temple in Jerusalem.

"I'll get you," Thomas shouted at the victims attacked indoors.

He is a very tall and strong man. He even played football professionally.

It is also black, which exposes, to anyone who wants to see, an uncomfortable reality: In this region of the United States, aggression against Jews is often practiced by African Americans.

The attacks have fired since early December. They range from verbal, pushy assaults to the extreme murder of four people in a kosher supermarket, the food of Jews who follow religious food commandments in Jersey City.

The killers, a man and a woman, were from a marginal group, the Black Hebrew Israelites.

His followers consider themselves to be the "true" Jews, and real-life Jews are evil "impostors," responsible for crimes against blacks ranging from slavery to police violence.

The madness is angry, but not unlike the one preached by Louis Farrakhan, the founder of the Nation of Islam, an American version of the Muslim religion, based on a kind of black supremacy permeated by virulent anti-Semitism.

The idea that a minority discriminates and even, in extreme cases, harms another minority is of extreme political incorrectness.

After the Jersey City murders, the Jerusalem Post rightly complained that “there were no protests or marches,” nor the usual manifestations of revolt in the cases of so-called gunmen who so often practice their atrocities in the United States.

"In American society there is only room for one kind of racism, that of the far-right white supremacists," the newspaper said.

A heinous act like that done by Robert Gregory Bowers, the gunman who killed eleven people in a Pittsburgh synagogue last October, fulfills all the requirements of universal repudiation. A white ultra-rightist armed with an AR-15 and three Glocks and the most extreme conspiracy theories.

Is it possible to say that both Bowers and Grafton Thomas, the Chanukah stabber, are crazy?

For sure. What normal person would go out killing chosen because they were Jewish?

Since mental imbalance in the United States by itself does not eliminate the application of conventional justice – one must prove that criminals with psychic illnesses were unaware of the crime committed – it will be interesting to follow the judgment of Robert Bowers and Grafton Thomas.

No leniency is expected with either.

American justice is relentless, unlike in Europe, where the condition of refugees or migrants from countries at war has been used as an attenuator.

The situation, for obvious reasons, is most complicated in Germany, where the great human wave that has entered Angela Merkel's open borders has led to blatant cases of anti-Semitism such as the Syrian refugee who attacked a Kippa "Jew" – in fact a Arab Israeli woman who purposely wore her religious hoodie.

For example, a German court ruled that anti-Semitism had not been a factor in the case of three Palestinians who set fire to a synagogue in Wuppertal.

According to Ministry of Interior data, 90% of the 1,800 episodes of anti-Semitism recorded in 2018 came from the far right.

In the Netherlands, 70% of the same crimes are committed by citizens of Arab or Muslim origin.

In France, it's over 50% – and 100% of all violent episodes.

What happens in Germany? There is much more than a reluctance to associate the rise in common or Islamist-motivated crime with the recent influx of nearly two million foreigners from countries where Jewish hatred is officially cultivated, encouraged by religious and socially more than normalized preachers.

Often, data is purposely distorted to mask its origin.

A survey cited by the Times of Israel website on hundreds of German Jews who were targeted by anti-Semitic episodes showed a very different result from official statistics.

Of the respondents, 41% said the perpetrator had been “someone with a radical Muslim view” and 20% associated aggression with the far right. Another 12% on the far left.

The mass "conversion" of the left to anti-Zionism is at the root of the explicit and shameful manifestation that, on the pretext of criticizing Israel, enters without any disguise in the field of hatred of Jews.

The case of Jeremy Corbyn, the leader who leaves command of the Labor Party after a historic defeat, is the most emblematic.

Corbyn and his followers, united in the so-called Momentum trend, performed so many brazen acts of anti-Semitism that they could not hide from traditional Labor militants.

The defeat at the polls was caused by the insurrection of historical voters. About one million people who always voted for Labor shifted sides and gave the Conservative Party a landslide victory.

They were motivated by the leftist leadership of labor leaders and parties like the Liberal Democrat.

Shortly after the victory of Boris Johnson and the conservatives, Jenny Tonga, who was a seven-year-old Liberal Democrat, openly summarized the views of many left-wing people in Britain.

“The chief rabbi must be dancing in the street. The pro-Israel lobby won our general election by lying about Jeremy Corbyn, ”she wrote on Facebook.

Detail: It has the title of Baroness (the ruling or opposition parties present their lists of honor candidates) and a seat in the House of Lords.

It is deeply embarrassing for anyone of any background or ideological sympathy to know that such manifestations have become standard among left-wing supporters who in the past marched against fascism and persecution of the Jews.

Baroness Tonga is today one of the most ugly faces of anti-Semitism that has left its traditional nest and scatters snake eggs in other spheres.


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