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Animal Crossing is updated to version 1.3.1 with news for the beach and …

by ace

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was a highly anticipated game for the Nintendo Switch and conveniently launched during the new coronavirus pandemic. If the virtual simulator already had special appeal for its proposal, under the circumstances it became an incalculable fever.

The game broke several sales records and its numbers were only stopped with the recent release of Minecraft Dungeons. However, as it is a game that bets heavily on seasonal events, updates bring not only fixes, but also new features for gameplay.

It has recently become possible to swim on the islands’ beaches due to the summer season in the United States, and a new patch – 1.3.1 – is bringing performance improvements to this experience.

The update corrects problems involving Zen bridges that previously could not be used in some parts of the island where they should be usable. In addition, a bathing suit that had mysteriously disappeared from Nook’s Cranny is back. And finally, the hermit crab – which used to appear in different parts of the island – now only appears on the beaches.

The update can be downloaded by owners of a copy of the game in a simple way, through the eShop, or by paying attention to the Nintendo Switch update alert pop-up when the game starts on the console.

It is worth remembering, next week another major release comes to Switch: Paper Mario & The Origami King is another first-party title from Nintendo that explores its so creative franchises, and guarantees good exclusives for the Japanese platform.

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