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Anti Aging Therapy will be tested on humans (and costs 1 million …

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Anti Aging Therapy will be tested on humans (and costs 1 million ...

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One company will begin clinical trials in humans for anti-aging therapy. Volunteers will have to pay 1 million euros to participate.

The “elixir of youth” is a growing reality. Libella Gene Therapeutics is taking a big step in the industry by starting human trials of anti-aging therapy. Volunteers who are interested in participating will have to pay $ 1 million.

Although still in the experimental phase, the company ensures that this therapy can reverse aging in up to 20 years. Not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), clinical trials will be conducted in Colombia.

According to SingularityHubAs we get older, our telomeres – the ends of chromosomes – are shrinking. The goal of therapy is to try to repair telomeres, which are one of the structures believed to be responsible for aging.

While appealing to many people, this therapy could have some consequences that were not calculated by scientists at Libella Gene Therapeutics. Some experts argue that the tests are unethical, poorly planned, and pose a serious risk to volunteers and may activate sleeping cancer cells.

Researchers increasingly believe that aging can be reversed, and efforts to do so are continuous. Despite the price, many millionaires will not mind spending a portion of their fortune to look and feel younger.

In May of this year, scientists announced that an experience in space could help in the development of new anti-aging therapies. The objective is to test the effects of microgravity on living cells mixed with small ceramic particles.

In the future, these possible advances could result in promising therapies. Nanoceria has the potential to prevent muscle atrophy in astronauts as well as acting as an anti-aging therapy for older people or victims of Parkinson's and other forms of muscle atrophy.

The European Space Agency also envisions cosmetic applications such as “treatments for brighter and younger skin”.


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