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Apple can add automatic translator to Safari

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Apple can add automatic translator to Safari

According to information released by the 9to5Mac website, Apple is working on releasing a tool to translate web pages in its native browser, Safari. According to the website, this update will be embedded in the browser from iOS 14.

With this feature the user will be able to translate the pages automatically in the apple browser, even if there is no internet connection. And, if the feature is indeed released with the new version of the system, it will probably also accompany the new version for macOS.

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Depending on the information leaked through the update's source code, this function will use a mechanism for automatic translation similar to that used by Google Chrome, while it can also be activated manually by the user for each address visited.

In addition, the company also works on the translation of other applications, such as the App Store, for example. With that, the user will be able to read the comments and reviews of apps in the store in any language.

The translation engine used by Tim Cook’s company will be provided by Neural Engine.

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In addition to automatic translation for Safari, the company also plans to offer full support for Apple Pencil from the new version. With that, the user can use the pen to draw or mark texts in the browser. However, as the accessory is not compatible with the iPhone, this will be an exclusive feature for the tablets of the Cupertino company from version 14 of the iPadOS

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According to MacRumors, the company still works in a form of "magic fill" with the pen. With this function, users will be able to draw a general shape in an application, which will be filled in sequence by the operating system.

There is still no official information on these resources, but on the 22nd of this month we may have news at the event scheduled by the company for WWDC 2020 – Worldwide Developers Conference.


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