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Argentina strengthens airport surveillance after Soleimani's death

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Argentina strengthens airport surveillance after Soleimani's death

Debris from Amia headquarters in Buenos Aires after car bomb blast: 85 dead – 18/07/1994 Cambalechero / Commons / Reproduction

Argentina will strengthen surveillance of airports and border points, as well as US diplomatic representations in the country, the Ministry of Security confirmed on Monday. The decision came three days after the US bombing of Baghdad, Iraq, which killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani.

Commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard elite division, Soleimani is named as one of the organizers of the 1994 attack on the headquarters of the Israeli Mutual Association Argentina (Amia), which killed 85 people. In 1992, another attack left 22 dead at the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires.

Iran's government has vowed to avenge the death of Soleimani, considered a national hero. There is fear that part of this rematch will take place on Argentine soil. "We have ordered the reinforcement of the protected targets on our territory, the airports and US airlines operating on them, and the international border posts," said the Ministry of Security.

Federal security forces in the south of the country will be responsible for strengthening the protection of strategic defense sites.

The Argentine government said it had made contact with the US Embassy in Buenos Aires to "be available for any eventuality or prevention needed."

"We appreciate the collaboration of the Argentine government on this issue and look forward to continuing to work together to protect the security of citizens of both countries," sources at the US Embassy said.

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