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Argentine on cruise in Japan is the first South American with coronavirus

by ace

Argentine on a cruise in Japan is the 1st South American infected with the coronavirus Kazuhiro NOGI / AFP

The first case of a Latin American infected with coronavirus was confirmed on Friday, 7. This is an Argentine who is among the 61 passengers contaminated on the cruise ship Diamond Princess, docked in the port of Yokohama, Japan. information is from the Japanese Ministry of Health.

The passenger's identification was not released by the authorities. According to the newspaper El Clarín, there are eight Argentines on board the cruise, which transported a total of 3,700 people and is quarantined on the Japanese coast.

The nationalities of the new 41 infected passengers were released by the authorities. There are 21 Japanese, eight Americans, five Canadians, five Australians and one British, in addition to the Argentine.

The first case of coronavirus in Japanese territory was confirmed on 28 January.

On Friday, China confirmed that the death toll from the disease rose to 636, with more than 31 confirmed cases. One of the last fatalities was the Chinese doctor Li Wenliang, responsible for being one of the first to warn about the virus.


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