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Banksy offers work in honor of health professionals

by ace

Banksy / Instagram

"Game Changer", Banksy's new work

The British artist's new work was found in a hospital in Southampton and will subsequently be auctioned off to raise revenue for the English national health care system.

A child sitting on his knees on the floor, playing with a nurse's doll in a superhero cape, while characters like Batman and Spider-Man are in the background in the toy crate.

So is Banksy's new work, dubbed by the artist “Game Changer”, which was found in a hospital in Southampton, England, to pay tribute to professionals in the National Health System (NHS) who are currently fighting the pandemic of covid- 19.

“Thank you for everything you are doing. I hope this animates this place a little, even if it is only in black and white ”, reads the note left by the artist to hospital workers, quoted by the newspaper The Guardian.

After the isolation measures are lifted in the UK, the work will be shown to the public and then auctioned off to raise money for NHS institutions, a spokesman for Banksy confirmed.

“Here in Southampton, our hospital team has been directly affected by the tragic loss of employees and friends who are very dear and respected. The fact that Banksy chose us to recognize the extraordinary contribution of the NHS, in these unprecedented times, is a great honor ”, said Paula Head, executive director of the hospital.

This is the artist's second work since the pandemic's arrival in the United Kingdom. In April, Banksy did an illustration dedicated to self-isolation in her own bathroom.


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