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Bernie Sanders withdraws from White House bid

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Bernie Sanders withdraws from White House bid

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Bernie Sanders, Democratic proto-candidate for the US presidential

Bernie Sanders withdrew from the race to nominate for the 2020 presidential election in the United States, thus paving the way for Joe Biden to compete with Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders withdrew his candidacy for nomination as a presidential candidate by the Democratic Party on Wednesday. The farewell of the Vermont senator opens the way for Joe Biden, former vice president of Barack Obama, to face Donald Trump in the November elections.

On social media, Sanders, who was trying for a second time for a presidential nomination, called on supporters for an announcement later on Wednesday.

According to the CNN, the senator was in a difficult position to achieve the number of delegates needed to be appointed. In fact, last month, he even announced that he would reevaluate his candidacy.

Still, 78-year-old Sanders resisted for weeks the idea of ​​an almost inevitable withdrawal after Super Tuesday's defeat and Biden's victories in Arizona, Florida and Illinois. The senator recorded victories in the states of New Hampshire and Nevada and a happy result in Iowa.

At a time when the United States is the country most affected by the covid-19 pandemic, the Democratic Party's primary elections have been affected, with voting being postponed in several states. According to the Public, on Tuesday, Wisconsin took the vote after a series of last-minute decisions that made it impossible to postpone it.

On this topic, Sanders went so far as to mention that the health crisis only showed “the cruelty and absurdity” of health services in the United States. Much of his campaign has been dedicated, in recent weeks, to responding to the pandemic: Sanders has even organized virtual events and opened fundraisers to help the most affected American communities, details the Observer.

In the last elections, Bernie Sanders lost the nomination to Hillary Clinton, who was ultimately defeated at the polls by Donald Trump.


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