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Best premium tablet to buy | All Cell Phone Guide

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Best premium tablet to buy | All Cell Phone Guide

Highlight of each tablet

TudoCelular has been preparing several guides to help you choose your next cell phone to buy, in addition to other interesting electronics. Of course, we couldn't forget about tablets. We have already listed the best intermediate models and also the basic ones that are for less than R $ 1,000, which you can see in the links below.

Now it's time to check out the best tablet options for sale in the national market for those who want to have the best experience possible, whether with Android or iPad.

25 May

Best tablet for less than $ 1,000 to buy | All Cell Phone Guide

21 May

The tablet market is quite warm today, without major launches, but it is still possible to find interesting options for each type of consumer.

And as we do in all guides, we always look for the most cost-effective products. Models are listed in order of price and this may end up changing with the constant variation of offers.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Best premium tablet to buy | All Cell Phone Guide

If you're looking for a good top tablet without paying a fortune, the best option is Samsung's Tab S5e. It is aimed at those looking for a light and thin device with its 400g and 5.5mm thickness. The edges around the screen are also thinner than the intermediate models that we have listed in the other guide.

With the S5e you have a 10.5-inch Super AMOLED screen to ensure the best image and that gets even better with AKG's four-speaker audio system. Its 7,040 mAh battery guarantees autonomy for up to 15 hours of moderate use. It comes equipped with Snapdragon 670, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage.

Apple iPad Mini

Best premium tablet to buy | All Cell Phone Guide

Do you prefer a more compact version? How about the latest iPad mini released by Apple? It has a 7.9-inch screen, but has wider edges than Samsung's rival. In place of an OLED screen, you get a lower resolution IPS LCD panel, but still deliver great image quality.

Its hardware is more powerful with the Apple A12 Bionic chipset, the same that equipped the iPhones of the previous generation. It may have less RAM than the Samsung model, but the iPadOS makes better use of memory than Android. Despite the dated design, it is a good option for those who run away from large tablets.

Apple iPad 10.2

Best premium tablet to buy | All Cell Phone Guide

Launched in the same year as the iPad mini, the iPad 10.2 is the most affordable version of Apple for those looking for a tablet with a 10-inch screen. The design is similar to the mini, but has slightly thinner edges. Despite the difference in screen size and resolution, we have the same IPS LCD panel.

Unfortunately it does not come with the same A12 Bionic chip, but in this one you will have the A10 Fusion which is the same as the iPhone 7 launched there in 2016. It is clear that Apple has reused its old hardware to charge a lower price on this model of iPad. Anyway, this hardware is still enough to deliver a good experience with the iPadOS.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Best premium tablet to buy | All Cell Phone Guide

Did you like the iPad 10.2 but found the edges too wide? How about the Galaxy Tab S6? It is the most advanced Android tablet on sale in Brazil and even comes with the S Pen to boost the experience. Its Super AMOLED screen is 10.5 inches and Quad HD + resolution. The processor is the Snapdragon 855 that equips several top-of-the-line Android phones in 2019.

The most basic model features 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage for a great One UI experience. Your cameras are better than the iPads mentioned earlier, in case this is a differentiator you are looking for. It hit the market with Android 9 Pie, but Samsung has already released version 10 of the robot.

Apple iPad Pro 11

Best premium tablet to buy | All Cell Phone Guide

Leaving the 2019 models aside, we have the iPad Pro 11 as the smallest version of the new Apple tablets. Of course, Apple's launch costs a fortune and this iPad would be no different. It comes equipped with the A12Z chip, making it the most powerful solution from Apple today, especially in graphics.

Its screen has a higher resolution than the Samsung model and also features a 120 Hz panel for an incredible experience with the iPadOS running at 120 fps. There is the same amount of RAM as the Korean rival, but as Apple's system makes better use of memory, you can expect superior performance in multitasking.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9

Best premium tablet to buy | All Cell Phone Guide

Are you looking for a tablet to abandon your notebook? The iPad Pro 12.9 is the tablet with the largest screen for sale in Brazil. It is the superior version of the previous model and brings a panel with an even higher resolution and the same 120 Hz for an experience superior to any Android tablet.

The configuration is the same between the two models, including the Apple A12Z Bionic chipset, 6 GB of RAM and several storage options. The set of cameras delivers the same quality as current iPhones and even offers ToF 3D with a LiDAR scanner, which is expected to equip this year's most expensive iPhones. And just like the Galaxy Tab S6, the iPad Pro has stylus support.


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