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Biden apologizes for racist comment against radio host

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Biden apologizes for racist comment against radio host

Former US Vice President and Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden apologized on Friday for making a racist comment against radio host Lenard McKelvey, known as Charlamagne tha God, during an interview on Thursday 21. Biden is said to have claimed that a person "is not black", regardless of background, if he is still considering voting for the re-election of President Donald Trump in November.

"I shouldn't have been so careless," said Biden in a call to U.S. Black Chambers Inc, an African-American business group.

Biden, who was deputy during the two terms of former President Barack Obama, the first black president in the history of the United States, added that he never accepted black voters as guaranteed votes and that no one is required to vote for anyone.

During the interview with Charlamagne, which was broadcast only this Friday on The Breakfast Club, the African-American presenter had challenged the Democrat for his long history on racial issues.

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During the 1970s, for example, Biden opposed the federal government's participation in the “busing” policy, which involved transporting black students on buses to schools outside their neighborhoods in an attempt to reduce racial segregation in education.

While Charlamagne was pressing Biden on whether he would choose an African American woman as vice president, since the Democrat had hitherto committed himself only to choosing a woman as a running mate, a campaign advisor could be heard trying to end the interview.

"You can't do that with black media!" Said the radio host. Biden responded by asking if Charlamagne would have "more questions" to ask.

"Well, I tell you, if you have a problem finding out whether it is for me or for Trump (who you will vote for president), then you are not black," said Biden.

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The Democrat further classified his record of favoring racial issues as "unparalleled". Biden and Charlamagne agreed that he would return to the program again.

Prior to the apology, the Trump campaign organized a conference call with reporters, where Republican Senator Tim Scott, who is black, said Biden's comments were "arrogant and humiliating" and "negative rhetoric about the race bait".

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