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Big problem! Samsung blu-ray players are crashing for…

by ace
Big problem! Samsung blu-ray players are crashing for...

In Brazil there is even a blu-ray market, but a fact that this fashion did not catch as the DVD players.

The BD market developed at the same time as broadband became more popular and making a reality speed in the house of megas and making the internet dial-up past. Thanks to this, streaming platforms have eventually become a more practical solution for a large majority.

However, this niche of devices is still important for many markets, and that’s why Samsung is currently having a big problem on its hands.

Since Friday (19) several users have been reporting by Reddit, Twitter and even the official forums of the company fatal crashes with reproductive devices of this media, especially the models BD-J5700 and HJ-4500. The devices would have looped into the boot, preventing the players from booting.

In the few cases of devices that come to connect, there is a problem that makes it impossible to play discs in the tray. What’s more, those without media started making strange noises, like they were trying to read a media anyway.

The likely problem involves a new firmware that would have been released to the devices automatically. Resetting the machines is no use, and since many no longer turn on, perhaps a new update will not be able to handle this issue.

Suggestions indicate that the problem may be related to SSL security certificates. In December last year some players were prevented from running videos from some applications because the certificates expired. Some bet that the company may have entered invalid credentials in the update, which would be responsible for the root of this problem.

Samsung has not yet commented on what happened.

It is worth remembering, the company brought to Brazil its new line of Crystal UHD smart TVs. Running TizenOS, they are compatible with apps like Globoplay, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Fox Play, Apple TV Plus and so many others so that no one needs so much dependence on a blu-ray player to watch movies.


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