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Bolsonaro grants Christmas pardon to police convicted of crimes for …

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Bolsonaro grants Christmas pardon to police convicted of crimes for ...

Tânia Rêgo / Brazil Agency

The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro signed his first Christmas pardon on Monday to police officers convicted of crimes of negligence, committed unintentionally in the performance of their duties or as a result of them.

"The decree breaks new ground by forgiving those who devote their lives to safeguarding society," the Brazilian Presidency said in a statement, quoted by Lusa.

The Christmas pardon, provided for in the Brazilian Constitution, is published this Tuesday in the Official Gazette and also benefits the agents of the state security forces convicted of acts committed on days off and intended to "eliminate an existing risk."

In addition, Bolsonaro, the leader of the far right in Brazil and captain of the Army reserve, granted pardon to the military of the Armed Forces who, in Law and Order Guarantee (GLO) operations, “committed unintentional crimes”.

The President, who on January 1st is a year in power, advocates harsh measures against crime and has said that the "good thug is a dead bandit" and that a policeman who kills a criminal, whatever the circumstances, should receive a decoration instead of being investigated.

On the other hand, the Brazilian Presidency stressed that forgiveness excludes “a number of crimes considered serious”, such as theft after death, rape, torture, related to organized crime, terrorism, drug trafficking, pedophilia and corruption.

Bolsonaro extended forgiveness to those who, after committing the crime, suffer from paraplegia, quadriplegia or blindness, as well as those with permanent serious illnesses that impose severe limitations and at the same time require ongoing care that cannot be provided in prison, who are seriously ill or terminally ill.


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