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Bonfim in Porto is one of the “coolest neighborhoods in Europe”

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Bonfim in Porto is one of the “coolest neighborhoods in Europe”

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From “bourgeois enclave” to a space that brings together a “young and creative crowd”. This is how the newspaper The Guardian speaks of Bonfim, in Porto, as one of the coolest neighborhoods in Europe, highlighting the “superb views over the Douro”, the artistic flair and the fact that it has not yet been invaded by tourists like the reasons for its “charm”.

Bonfim integrates exclusive list of the “10 coolest neighborhoods in Europe”, alongside the Quartier de la Réunion in Paris (France) and El Cabanyal in Valencia (Spain), in the analysis of The Guardian.

The British newspaper emphasizes that the rise in prices in the center of Porto has transformed this “once bourgeois enclave” into a space that brings together a “young and creative crowd”. The fact that it is only 20 minutes walk from the center, easy access to the main roads, as well as having the main train and bus stations at the door, as well as passing a Metro line with connection to the Airport, are identified as factors that help explain the attraction for Bonfim.

And if this area of ​​Porto “does not have shopping centers”, it is “full of cool independent stores”, especially on Rua de Santo Ildefonso, says The Guardian.

“Hosting the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Porto means that Bonfim has always had an active artistic scene”, reinforces the newspaper, noting that there are spaces for contemporary art and documentary photography, among others.

On the other hand, in Bonfim there are “superb views over the Douro” from the Nova Sintra Park, which also has “a wonderful collection of ancient fountains”.

The Guardian also highlights the “joy” of staying in a “relative seclusion of the tourist boom” as Porto goes through and underlines that it maintains an “infinity of old school places to eat”, where you can have a “classic neighborhood dinner” ”, In particular to eat the typical francesinhas, some steaks in the bread or an octopus rice.

On the other hand, it also has new restaurants serving “fine meals at fair prices”.

On every corner there are cafes and bars, but Bonfim's great “charm” lies in its “elegant residences from the beginning of the 20th century”, some of which have been transformed into guest-houses to welcome outsiders.

Bonfim appears on The Guardian's list alongside the Järntorget and Långgatorna neighborhoods in Gothenburg (Sweden), the University quarter in Brussels (Belgium), El Cabanyal in Valencia (Spain), Neukölln in Berlin (Germany), Powiśle in Warsaw (Poland), Holešovice in Prague (Czech Republic), Ostiense in Rome (Italy), Dorćol in Belgrade (Serbia) and the Quartier de la Réunion in Paris (France).



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