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Brazilian journalist murdered on the border with Paraguay

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Brazilian journalist murdered on the border with Paraguay

Brazilian journalist Léo Veras was killed with 12 shots at Pedro Juan Caballero – 02/13/2020 Facebook / Reproduction

Brazilian journalist Léo Veras was murdered by gunmen on Wednesday 12 in the city of Pedro Juan Caballero, in Paraguay. According to the police chief of the Amambay department, the crime was possibly committed in retaliation for Veras' publications on the website he ran.

The journalist was shot to death by two hooded men while having dinner with his family in his backyard, according to the Paraguayan newspaper ABC Color. Veras tried to escape when he saw the gunmen approaching, but one of the shots hit his head.

The crime happened around 9 pm on Wednesday. The journalist was taken to the hospital, but he could not resist his injuries.

Amambay's police chief, Ignacio Rodríguez Villalba, told ABC Color that the authorities already have information about the suspects for the crime. “According to certain information, (the crime was caused by) publications he made on organized crime. In recent times, he has published extensively on the border, ”said Rodríguez.

The police also said that Veras had been receiving death threats and was doing “everything possible” to resolve the case. Pedro Juan Caballero borders Ponta Porã, a city in Mato Grosso do Sul, 342 kilometers from Campo Grande.

Léo Veras is well known in Mato Grosso do Sul for his work. He was the owner of the police news website Porã News, which reported on situations related to drug trafficking.



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