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Commission approves Nestor Forster nomination for US embassy

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Commission approves Nestor Forster nomination for US embassy

The Senate Foreign Relations Commission approved this Thursday, 13, by 12 votes to 0, the appointment of diplomat Nestor Forster to take over the Brazilian embassy in the United States. Appointed in October last year by President Jair Bolsonaro, he still needs to pass the House plenary sieve. The vote should take place next week, before Carnival.

On Wednesday 12, Forster devoted himself to a pilgrimage for the Senate. He was received by the President of the House, Davi Alcolumbre (DEM-AP), and visited the senators' offices to introduce himself and win support for the approval of his name.

Forster – who, in practice, already commands diplomatic representation as a business officer – rated Bolsonaro's visit to US President Donald Trump in March 2019 as “historic”. For him, the main result of the meeting between the two presidents it was the change in the United States' position regarding Brazil's claim to join the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

In January, the United States officially announced its support for Brazil's access to the OECD, which had been withdrawn in August last year.

“In the United States, there was resistance to the fact that the United States supported Brazil. At that moment, the American president announced, then, the firm support for Brazil's candidacy, as has been demonstrated throughout the process that is already beginning ”, said Forster.

Emphasizing that diplomacy cannot be exhausted in the conversation between the two heads of the Executive, he said that it is important to strengthen the relationship between the two countries "taking advantage of the excellent chemistry" between Bolsonaro and Trump.


Among the challenges that Brazil faces, Forster stressed that it will move forward in a demand from the private sector for something that, according to him, has dragged on for a long time: an agreement that will prevent double taxation for companies, individuals and individuals. “This would have a great impact on facilitating trade between the two countries and increasing the efficiency of trade. It is complex, it has been on the table for a long time, it is also being examined ”, he recalled.

In the Health area, he recalled the cooperation between Brazil and the United States, with integration between Brazilian foundations such as Fiocruz. Among the challenges are vaccine research for the Zika virus and other illnesses.


Forster asked senators and deputies to engage in what he called “parliamentary diplomacy” and highlighted that he acted during the burning crisis in the Amazon, visiting senators and deputies to show what Brazil has done to control the situation.

“When we had that situation, in the middle of the year, of great concern and repercussion in the press, about the burning, etc., we went immediately. We have activated several interlocutors that we have in American society to do a very specific and intense work with Parliament, which is also an echo chamber of society, where concerns are seen. I visited several senators, several deputies from both parties. In the case of the Chamber, today in the United States the majority are Democrats, so it is important to visit the presidents of the environment committee. These people are very concerned with this topic. And it is necessary to have an open and frank dialogue with them, explain what is happening in Brazil, undo exaggerations and face the issues with realism and determination ”, he warned.


Forster was also heard and approved by unanimous decision by CRE, at the same meeting, the nominee for the Brazilian embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, Hermano Telles Ribeiro. He will also have to go through a vote in the House plenary.

(With Agência Brasil)


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