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Company that built BB-8 replica will produce robots for military use

by ace


The American company Sphero will dedicate itself to the manufacture of robots and software for the United States Army.

Sphero, the company that developed the replica of the BB-8 robot in the Star Wars saga, announced that it will spin-off its public security division and create a new company, called Company Six, responsible for developing robots designed exclusively for military use.

According to The Verge, Artificial Intelligence robots and software will be manufactured for the US Government, rescuers and for all “those who work in dangerous situations”, explained the company. Although Sphero has not said clearly that Company Six will produce robots for the police, it appears that the company is moving in that direction.

"Our team is excited to create robotic hardware and advanced software solutions that help rescuers and people with hazardous jobs," said Jim Booth, CEO of Company Six.

The use of robotics in the military sphere is not surprising. Massachusetts authorities are currently testing the Boston Dynamics Spot robot, the United Kingdom's armed forces have robots, and the United States is testing robotic combat vehicles.

In addition, Sphero had already said that making robotic toys was not a very profitable market. In 2018, the British company laid off several employees and stopped manufacturing Disney-licensed products, such as the iconic BB-8.


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