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Coronavirus: Brazilian vaccine enters pre-clinical testing phase

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Coronavirus: Brazilian vaccine enters pre-clinical testing phase

Unlike the method used in other countries, which use mRNAm, or messenger RNA, the Brazilian vaccine uses particles that carry fragments of the coronavirus, which generate a response in the immune system that creates resistance to the virus when learning to identify and fight it .

The advantage is that the national model is faster to develop and generally has more promising results. It is being developed by the Faculty of Medicine of USP and by the Immunology Laboratory of the Instituto do Coração and financed by Fapesp – São Paulo Research Foundation.

The tests on human volunteers should start soon with a total of 3 different types, according to the researcher responsible in an interview with Fapesp, Gustavo Cabral:

“We have already managed to develop three vaccine formulations that are being tested on animals. In parallel, we are formulating several others to identify the best candidate. ”

This is a very important moment for scientists, because now they will be able to measure to know what is the ideal concentration so that the organism can create a lasting immune response in animals and later in humans.

It is worth remembering that a vaccine developed in Oxford, England, should be tested on humans in Brazil. In total, there will be 2,000 people on the front lines in the fight against coronavirus in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to be infected and immunized against coronavirus in June. The study is part of the global effort to contain the pandemic where Brazil is the first country outside the United Kingdom to participate in such tests and will be supported by ANVISA and the Ministry of Health.

Currently, 133 vaccines are being developed worldwide, all of them recognized by the World Health Organization, not to mention those projects that have not yet been recognized by the organization but may pass through it soon.


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