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Coronavirus: Rappi sells quick tests for Covid-19 per application

by ace
Coronavirus: Rappi sells quick tests for Covid-19 per application

At the end of May, Rappi became part of the Movement # 2in2 initiative, an action that sells rapid tests for the Covid-19 and, each purchased, donates another to the public initiative. Each individual can purchase up to five tests.

Since the 20th of last month, commercialization started in São Paulo. The tests are collected by the average Cia. Da Consulta team in drive-thru format: the customer buys the test – limited to five per person -, schedules the date and time, and goes to the parking lot of Shopping Iguatemi da Faria Lima to perform the test. exam.

Rappi's president, Sergio Saraiva, told the Mobile Time website on Thursday (4) that he has been negotiating with Rio de Janeiro malls to take the service to Rio de Janeiro as well. He also said that since the beginning of the initiative, about 2 thousand tests have been scheduled.

It is worth explaining that the rapid test sold is the serological test that analyzes the presence or absence of antibodies to the new coronavirus in the individual's blood. Detection can only be made approximately 10 days after the onset of symptoms. You can understand more about each type of testing in our column Detective TudoCelular dedicated to the subject.

In addition to Rappi, Movimento # 2em2 has companies such as Loggi, Stone, Vitta, Cia. Da Consulta, Iguatemi Shopping Center Company, Mattos Filho, XP, QR Consulting, NGO Renovatio, Orbitae and Sic Works.

The Rappi app can be downloaded from the official stores for Android and iOS. The download links are found on the card located below the text.

What is your assessment of Rappi's initiative to sell the rapid tests to Covid-19? Tell us!


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