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Couple accused of hate crime after vandalizing racism painting

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White couple was filmed destroying mural in California city YouTube / Reproduction

A white American couple who vandalized an inscription of the Black Lives Matter painted on a street in the city of Martínez, in northern California, was formally charged with a hate crime on Wednesday, 8. The case took place on Saturday afternoon 4 , the day on which the independence of the United States is celebrated.

The pair used black paint to cover the inscription painted on the asphalt, in front of the city’s Court of Justice. In a video released on social networks, it is possible to see the woman erasing the inscription on the street, while the man argues with other people who tried to question the action.

The words “Black Lives Matter”, or black lives matter, in Portuguese, were painted on Saturday by anti-racism activists with the authorization of the city hall. The pair that plundered him a few hours later were identified by the police as Nicole Claudia Anderson, 42, and David Richard Nelson, 53. The two are married and live in Martínez.

In addition to hate crime charges, they face prosecution for vandalism and possession of tools to commit vandalism or graffiti. The trial has not yet been scheduled, but if convicted, Americans could face up to a year in prison.

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In the prosecution against the couple, prosecutor Diana Becton says the painting “was a peaceful and powerful way of communicating the importance of black lives in Contra Costa County and in the country.” After the vandalization, the inscription was restored and residents have been circulating the area to prevent further damage.

The Martínez police are also investigating the illegal painting of the inscription “White Lives Matter”, or white lives matter, on an avenue in another area of ​​the city. In community, the authorities said that a woman was spotted covering the words with black ink, but that they still do not know who painted the message for the first time.


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