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Covid-19: Man Arrested in Florida for Spending Aid on Lamborghini

by ace

Lamborghini Huracán similar to the one bought by David Hines with funds to aid post-Covid-19 economic recovery Press Release / VEJA

A man was arrested in Florida, in the United States, for buying a $ 318,000 Lamborghini Huracán (1.6 million reais) with money from US government aid for small businesses affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

David Hines, a 29-year-old Miami resident, is accused of bank fraud and false testimony to a credit institution. He made $ 3.9 million ($ 20 million) through the economic recovery package called the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (Cares Act), which was approved by Congress and sanctioned by President Donald Trump, in March.

The Cares Act involves a 2 trillion dollar (10 trillion reais) fund, making it the largest economic stimulus package in American history.

In his request for financial aid, Hines said he would use the money to pay his employees’ salaries. The federal prosecutor’s office in charge of the case, however, says that these employees, in fact, never existed.

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According to the prosecution, in addition to buying the sports car, Hines used the funds for “personal expenses on online dating sites, jewelry, luxury clothing and a hotel in Miami Beach”.

He was arrested on Monday 27th and, soon after, released on $ 100,000 (515,000 reais) bail. Since then, he has been forced to wear an electronic anklet.

In a similar episode, two weeks ago, a Los Angeles resident was arrested for using part of the 9 million dollars (45 million reais) he obtained through the same federal program to spend in Las Vegas casinos.

(With AFP)


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