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EA launches reality show with competitions based on The Sims game

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Electronic Arts announced today, July 9, the creation of the Reality Show “The Sims Spark’d”, which will be based on the franchise of games The Sims. The program will bring together some players who will compete with each other, some challenges proposed by the production, in which they will have to create exclusive characters, worlds and stories from the last release of the franchise, the title The Sims 4.

The 12 participants of “The Sims Spark’d” will be revealed during the broadcast of the first episode, but EA already anticipates that they will be famous personalities in the universe of The Sims. They will compete for a $ 100,000 prize.

The winner will be chosen by a body of experts, including YouTuber Kelsey Impicciche, known for creating its own series based on the game, # 100babychallenge; singer and songwriter Tayla Parx, who voices the characters in The Sims 4 and also recorded the song “Me vs. Us” in Simlish – the language of the game’s characters – for the expansion “The Sims 4 Towards fame”; and Dave Miotke, producer at Maxis – the company behind the development of the franchise.

“Since its inception, The Sims has been an innovative experience, allowing players to create and experience virtually the stories they create in the game. That’s what makes it so special. This is also why this program is so exciting. We continue with this innovative spirit, bringing our community together to compete and show their stories in the game on a reality show in a whole new way, ”says Lyndsay Pearson, GM of The Sims franchise.

The reality is produced by EA in partnership with the eSports team of Turner Sports, with the entertainment and games brand, ELEAGUE and with Buzzfeed Multiplayer.

The Sims Spark’d will be presented by ELEAGUE from the 18th of July and will have its broadcasts during the next three Saturdays after the premiere, on the 25th of July and the 1st and 8th of August. Official broadcasts will be at 3:00 am and there will be a replay on the same days at noon, always in Brasília time.

In addition, it will also be possible to follow the four episodes on BuzzFeed Multiplayer YouTube channel, which will air each episode of The Sims Spark’d on the following Monday after the TV show, that is, on the 20th and 27th of July and the 3rd and 10th of August.

The program will be presented by Rayvon Owen, who was a finalist in the 14th edition of American Idol, who “has been playing The Sims since high school”. For more details on the Reality Show, visit this link.

We remind you that on June 5th, the last expansion pack – so far – for The Sims 4, “Sustainable Life”, was launched.


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