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“Em Casa d’Amália”: RTP celebrates centenary of the singer

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“Em Casa d’Amália”: RTP celebrates centenary of the singer


Fundação Amália Rodrigues joins RTP to mark the centenary of the singer. The program Em Casa d’Amália has its premiere scheduled for next Friday (10) and brings together several figures of Portuguese music today.

The new RTP program is inspired by the nights when Amália Rodrigues received several artistic figures at home. From poets, singers, painters, musicians and actors, there were countless names who sat on the couch for a conversation that lasted all night. Thus, every Friday a program recorded at Amália's house, in Rua de São Bento, will be broadcast with special guests who are somehow connected to Fado.

The artist's iconic house, now a Museum House open to the public, serves as a backdrop to bring back the mythical gatherings. Now with contemporary artists, several topics will be discussed, such as culture, our history and the present of Fado. With the aim of sharing knowledge, as well as reviving memories from the past, the program also intends to be a document about Fado for later.

The debut will have Jorge Fernando as the central guest, who urges us to stay at home and watch the program. The former guitarist of Amália, tells us some of the stories lived with the artist. At his side will be Ricardo Ribeiro and Dino D’Santiago, two important figures in national music.

He also joins Custódio Castelo, one of the most brilliant Portuguese artists, and brings with him a special guest directly linked to fado, Ana Moura.

The conversation at Casa d’Amália will be conducted by the fado singer José Gonçalez. Inside the room with blue and white tiled walls, other Fado artists will pass in future episodes, which today is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

“We also want to talk about the past with the knowledge of the present, but above all, head for the future of Fado”, reveals RTP in a press release.

The premiere will be this Friday, at 10 pm, after the Joker program


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