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Even when you're offline, Facebook is watching over you

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Even when you're offline, Facebook is watching over you

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Facebook is monitoring users even when they are offline. The social network is using physical store data to adjust its ads when it is online.

Until now, Facebook was known to adjust its ads to users according to what they did and searched online. Internet shopping data was shared with Facebook, letting the social network know your tastes and preferences.

Now, even when shopping in physical stores, in a mall, for example, Facebook is aware.

Some users noticed that some of their Facebook ads were from stores where they had bought products in person, not online. This is not a coincidence since, according to the Express, Mark Zuckerberg's social network is even having access to this physical store data.

The tool called “off-Facebook activity” has been in use since August, but it is only now gaining media attention. Nevertheless, Facebook is very transparent about the use of this tool, which is already in operation in Portugal.

Information such as mobile number and email address is being used to match customers to their social network profile. This data is often given on store customer cards or for subscribing to a merchant newsletter, for example.

Facebook has been criticized (and judged) for several breaches of its users' privacy, something that Mark Zuckerberg's company is supposedly working to improve.


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