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Executive producer of Valorant says it is testing the game's application in …

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Executive producer of Valorant says it is testing the game's application in ...

The Valorant game was made official for Windows earlier this week, but had been in beta for some time, where several title activation keys were being distributed by Riot through livestreamings released in gameplays, mainly on the live video platform Twitch.

However, many gamers who are focused on console experience have wondered why multiplayer FPS is not multiplatform, like Overwatch, which is the main competitor. The answer is simple: the game's executive producer, Anna Donlon, has been testing for the application in other system options, but says that the company's focus is not this, for now.

21 May

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15 Jan

It is known that Valorant has some graphic requirements that, when passing the title to PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch would need to be revised, since optimizations must be carried out so that the game experience is the same for all users.

As much as Riot has positive responses in some moments, we may not see the game with the Sony and Microsoft symbol, for example, since the graphics settings are much more malleable for those who are gamer via Windows, and may change some parts to better adapt the equipment to the game, something that is not possible on consoles.

"We are definitely creating a prototype of this right now, but there is a way to play this game and a way to experience this game that we are not absolutely sure will fully translate into the game on the console. If we think we can offer this experience on [consoles ], we will definitely do it, but we really want Valorant to defend a certain type of game and a certain type of experience. It’s not a no, for sure, but it definitely wasn’t the focus of the gate. postponed, "said Anna.

Even though her speech does not bring much hope, the optimistic enthusiasts of WWCFTech raised the possibility of Valorant to skip the current generation of video games and be adapted to the devices that will be launched in the next semester: Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, something that would make sense, especially considering their specifications, which are much more robust than the minimum requirement to run the game.

So, dear reader, does Valorant reach the consoles? Tell your opinion in the comments!


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