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FHC: ‘There is a risk that Brazil will march towards authoritarianism’

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FHC: ‘There is a risk that Brazil will march towards authoritarianism’

Former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso said on Thursday, 28, that there is a risk of a march towards authoritarianism in Brazil and defended the adoption of a “social market economy”, in which the State acts firmly in the fight against social and economic inequality. reducing public debt. In a veiled criticism of the administration of Jair Bolsonaro, he declared that leadership is needed that brings hope, that “knows how to govern” and that has projects for the post-pandemic phase of coronavirus.

“Democracy is always at risk, it is always necessary to take care of it. We have to see democracy, the economy and health together. Here, there is polarization, and the authoritarian trend is growing ”, he said, during a conference with the ex-president of the European Commission José Manuel Durão Barroso promoted by the FHC Foundation.


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As the pandemic affects children and adolescents, the complaint that threatens Witzel and more. Read in the week's edition

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“There is a risk of institutional disorganization here, and this must always be taken into account. I don't think it's inevitable that we march towards authoritarianism. There is no denying that there are risks. Those who have this feeling need to realize that this is against the interests of Brazil ”, he added.

According to the ex-president, the current leaders have to understand rationally what is happening not only in Brazil, but in the world. The international pressure against deforestation and in favor of the preservation of the Amazon – a topic that may result in the failure of the free trade agreement between Mercosur and the European Union – was cited by him as an example of a necessary change in the official positioning of Brasilia, averse to environmental demands. Another issue raised by FHC was the reduction of social inequality as an essential element for the prevention of future pandemics, such as that of Covid-19, which is now affecting especially the most vulnerable sections of the population. "Here, reason and feeling are lacking."

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FHC drew attention to the need not to postpone the municipal elections in November, so that there are no precedents for the postponement of federal elections in two years. He also said he was "afraid" of the popular reaction after the pandemic passed, when people will no longer communicate only through social networks and will be able to take to the streets. “The population knows and communicates. It is possible that, after the health concern is over, he will return to collect the lost income ”, he said, after accentuating the fact that the pandemic came by plane to Brazil and caused the disorganization of the economy and, only on Wednesday 27 , more than 1,000 deaths in the country.


In detailing his proposal for a “social market economy” – a model in which the State has a more decisive role in reducing public indebtedness and inequality and in the regulation of activities – FHC considered that there was a need to increase the tax collection through the Provisional Contribution on Financial Transactions (CPMF), as long as its revenue is destined exclusively to the reduction of public debt, and taxation on large fortunes.

In terms of public spending, he stressed the importance of adopting a universal minimum income program. He also stressed that companies will have to cover the share of investment that the State is no longer able to guide towards technological and scientific innovation. For him, the economic authorities must adapt to this “reality check” or leave their positions in the government.

“The state has to be reliable. The increase in taxes cannot bring about an increase in the state, but a reduction in public debt. We have to deide the issue. CPMF is not a liberal issue, but a realistic one ”, he defended. "The new leadership cannot be abstract: there must be proposals for the country that simple people understand", he added.

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The ex-president also opposed the thesis of the privatization of Banco Brasil, defended by the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, considering that the institution is still an instrument of government action. "When the Central Bank reduces the basic interest rate, the first to decrease its interest rates is Banco do Brasil," he said.


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