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Fiat Chrysler and AutoX team up to launch robot cabs in China

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(dr) AutoX

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is joining forces with the Chinese startup AutoX to bring autonomous robot taxis to China. The companies confirmed the partnership on Monday and announced that the AutoX AI Driver platform will be installed on the FCA Chrysler Pacifica.

AutoX, a Chinese startup based in Hong Kong, will supply the autonomous driving hardware and software for the Chrysler Pacifica fleet that Fiat wants to implement in China.

According to the Engadget, the expansion will take place in several Chinese cities, including Shenzen and Shanghai in the first half of 2020. AutoX has already applied for a pilot test of autonomous driving in California, with a human as a backup, but is still waiting for authorization authorities.

Fiat Chrysler is betting on China and not just on autonomous cars. The manufacturer recently announced an agreement with Foxconn to produce electric vehicles for the Asian market.

"AutoX Driver has adopted local driving styles in China to travel in complex and dynamic urban conditions," the company wrote in a statement. "This new generation has a creative design and integrates a series of sensors, including solid-state LiDar sensors, radars, cameras, GPS, IMU and also the AutoX XCU," he added.

With regard to electric and autonomous car technology, Fiat Chrysler lags behind its competitors, but this is a way of putting itself at the forefront. In addition, the company faces a lot of competition in Chinese territory

In this Asian country, tests with electric vehicles on public roads have been allowed since 2017. Companies like Didi Chuxing, owner of 99, Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent are already working on autonomous vehicle platforms.


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