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Freya is 10 years old and IQ higher than Hawking and Einstein

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Freya is 10 years old and IQ higher than Hawking and Einstein

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Freya Mangotra, a 10-year-old British girl, scored the highest on an IQ test organized by the international gifted association Mensa, outperforming the intellect of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

The British woman, who lives in Moseley, a town just outside the English city of Birmingham, underwent the Cattell III B test – which evaluates verbal reasoning – after turning 10 and a half October, the minimum age allowed to participate.

The result was 162 points and Freya gained recognition as "genius" by the examiners, said Kuldpeep Kumar, the girl's father, who works as a psychiatrist. With that note, the girl overcame brilliant minds like Einstein and Hawking, whose IQ was 160.

"They said it was the most you can get when you are under 18," his father said in statements to the BirminghamLive. “I don't want to put too much pressure on her, but we knew from an early age, two or three, that she was talented. She understands things very quickly. You can concentrate with great agility and remember things. You only need to read or do something once to remember it. ”

According to Freya's father, the girl became an avid reader from an early age, so much so that at age eight, she beat her father in a competition to see who read the seven volumes of the Harry Potter saga first.

Their hobby was such that they had to set a deadline to stop reading at 10 pm and go to bed. According to Kumar, the girl doesn't even need many hours of sleep, always getting up without difficulty at 6.30 to go to classes.

In her free time, Freya practices martial arts, writes stories and enjoys theater and chess. She is also a Bollywood swim and dance enthusiast.

After all, the girl still doesn't know what she wants to be when she grows up. First, I wanted to be a doctor, but eventually I changed my mind. Meanwhile, while still in time to think about her future career, Freya has already received a grant. Meanwhile, the little prodigy has already received a scholarship at the King Edward VI girls' private school in Edgbaston, where she passed the entrance exams.

The Mensa association was founded in England in 1946 and has 110,000 members worldwide. However, to be admitted to the foundation, it is necessary to achieve results so high that only 2% of people can reach them.


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