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Galaxy A21S vs A30S: which Samsung intermediary is a better choice? | …

by ace

Looking for a good intermediary phone without paying a premium? From Samsung we always recommend the Galaxy A30s, but now we have the A21s as a novelty from Korean and which can be found at a similar price. Is the A30s still our indication or is the new Samsung intermediary more worth your money? Let’s check.

Comparative index

Samsung 28 Jul

Galaxy A30s

Samsung 28 Nov


Samsung Galaxy A21s

Samsung Galaxy A30s

The A30s is a 2019 phone and with that it brings notch in the shape of a drop that has taken over virtually all the releases of last year. The A21s is more current with a hole in the screen on the left to house the selfie camera. Despite giving a modern feel, Samsung’s recent launch boasts wider edges.

This makes it bigger and heavier because of the more generous battery. If ergonomics is very important to you, you will end up preferring the A30s. Another difference is in the rear design. The new brings all the jump block cameras as we have in the S20 line, but Samsung saved on the more traditional biometric reader, while the other has digital sensors on the screen.

The A30s is finished with a holographic pattern that generates beautiful light effects depending on the angle you look at the phone, while the A21s has a slightly more discreet chromatic effect. However, the build quality is the same in both.

We start with the first point for the A30s.

Multimedia and software

Screen and sound

Galaxy A21S vs A30S: which Samsung intermediary is a better choice?  | ...

We have HD + screen in both, what changes is the panel technology. Samsung saved on the screen of the A21s and adopted a simple LCD panel that doesn’t even come with a light sensor. That is, whenever you leave the house you will have to play the brightness to the maximum manually.

The A30s, on the other hand, features a Super AMOLED screen with superior brightness, more vibrant colors and a better viewing angle. It also takes advantage of the minimum brightness and black level, which will cause less visual discomfort when you pick up your phone in the dark to see the time or notifications.

Both have only one sound output. In addition to mono audio, none deliver good sound quality. The A30s manages to be a little more powerful, but it distorts more when the volume is at maximum. The A21s also has great appeal in the treble, which is not enough to disturb when watching videos.

If you are looking for a good phone to listen to music you will be disappointed. Both bring a very simple headset that has only decent quality. And it’s not even worth investing in a high-quality headset to listen to music with Samsung intermediaries.

We give one point each in the sound part and an extra to the A30s for the best screen.


Galaxy A21S vs A30S: which Samsung intermediary is a better choice?  | ...

The A30s came with Android 9 Pie and was upgraded to Android 10 with One UI 2.0, this same combination being present in the A21s. We can expect the latest to receive Android 11 in the future, while the older may be left out even of new versions of Samsung’s interface.

The features are the same, so the fluidity is similar. The difference is for the A30s that has high definition digital TV. There is the PiP feature that allows you to continue watching TV while using another app. You can record what is going on to review later and even create animated GIFs.

We give each one point in the software part.


Galaxy A21S vs A30S: which Samsung intermediary is a better choice?  | ...

The shorter the time, the better

The A21s debuts Samsung’s latest hardware, the Exynos 850. Is it better than the Exynos 7904 present in the A30s and several other Korean phones? In our speed test the older model was even a little faster. The fault of RAM management? Worse than not. The A21s was faster in reopening apps, he ended up losing it was just when loading the content and this can be explained by the most advanced processor of the A30s.

In benchmarks we have little advantage for the A21s. This is because although your processor is less advanced, it works at a higher speed. And games? Here we have mixed results. None gets to run all games smoothly. You will always see a little lag in some titles. On the A21s it happened a lot with Asphalt 9, but it did better on PUBG. What you should know is that you will have limited experience with both, but if you are a casual player you will not be annoyed by this.

We give each one point in performance.


Galaxy A21S vs A30S: which Samsung intermediary is a better choice?  | ...

The longer the time, the better (except recharge)

Which has more battery? The A21s. It brings 1000 mAh than the A30s. But does it make a difference in practice? In our tests we had an average of 4 hours more, which is a very significant difference. None will give you two days of autonomy, but the A21s comes closer to that.

The recharge time is exactly the same with both. You will have to wait just over 2 hours to have the battery completely full.

The Galaxy A21s takes another point.


The A21s has four cameras at the rear and the A30s has only three. In addition, the latest model comes with a higher resolution sensor. Does this guarantee better photo quality? Not so much. The Exynos 850 is weak to handle 48 MP and we see more noise and lower textures.

The A30s tends to saturate colors a lot due to the artificial intelligence that comes on by default. If you disable the feature you will have better pictures than on the A21s, especially at night. The larger focal aperture helps the A30s a lot. Ultra-wide, on the other hand, is the same for both and can capture good photos in well-lit places.

The differential of the A21s is for the macro camera. It can be useful at times, but low resolution compromises photos. The lack of auto focus also doesn’t allow you to get too close to what you want to photograph. It is an interesting extra, but it will be useless in many cases. Finally, there is a depth sensor on both that generates a good blur effect on both.

We give a point to the A30s for better photos.

Photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy A21s

In the A30s we have a more advanced front camera, either in resolution or focal aperture. This helps to capture more details of the skin and suffer less in darker places and this is exactly what we have seen happen. Depending on where you take your selfies you will have quality of entry phone in the A21s, however the portrait mode has good clipping and few flaws in both.

A30s gets the better of selfies.

Photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy A30s

In the camcorder we have a more fierce dispute. Both record at maximum Full HD with the rear and front cameras. The quality is similar, as is the focus speed. The A30s shakes a little less, but the A21s records louder and cleaner audio. If you plan to use your cell phone to shoot at night, then you will be disappointed with both.

We give each point a camcorder.


The A30s was launched in 2019 in Brazil for R $ 1,599, while the A21s arrived in mid 2020 for R $ 1,999. An inferior and more expensive cell phone? Yeah, that’s Samsung’s mindset. But also with the rise in the dollar everything has gone up in price in recent months.

Currently both can be found at a similar price, but you will see the A30s on offer more often as it is an older model. It even cost less than R $ 1,000 and it will be a while before we see the A21s at that price.

We ended with last point for the A30s for having better cost-benefit ratio.

7.5 Hardware

7.4 Cost Benefit

Galaxy A21S vs A30S: which Samsung intermediary is a better choice?  | ...

Samsung Galaxy A21s

Galaxy A21S vs A30S: which Samsung intermediary is a better choice?  | ...

To compare

7.3 Hardware

7.2 Cost Benefit

Galaxy A21S vs A30S: which Samsung intermediary is a better choice?  | ...

Samsung Galaxy A30s

Galaxy A21S vs A30S: which Samsung intermediary is a better choice?  | ...

To compare


In theory the A21s should behave like a cell phone inferior to the A30s and we can confirm that this is really what happens. The older model has a better screen, more powerful sound, greater speed in loading apps, better cameras and even brings digital TV. It is usually found for less, which makes its cost-benefit more interesting.

The advantages of the A21s are for the best multitasking performance and with some games, and longer battery life. It will only make sense when it costs on average $ 200 less than the A30s. If the price difference between the two is less than that, go for A30s without fear.


Samsung Galaxy A21s: 5 POINTS

  • Sound does not distort at most
  • Latest software
  • Best multitasking
  • Greater autonomy
  • Good camcorder with cleaner audio

Samsung Galaxy A30s: 9 POINTS

  • More compact and lighter
  • Super AMOLED top screen
  • More powerful sound
  • Digital TV support
  • Higher loading speed
  • Best camera for photos
  • Best for selfies
  • Good camcorder with less shake
  • Best cost-benefit

(updated August 1, 2020, 3:40 am)


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