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Galaxy S9 Plus vs Galaxy S10e: where to save on top of the line old? | …

by ace

It’s not easy for anyone. With the current economic situation, launches of smartphones, mainly line tops, are coming very expensive, so the solution for many who seek performance and good design is to look for tops from previous years.

One of the best manufacturers in this regard is Samsung. Their smartphones have had good support until two years later and the price is much more affordable. So you asked for a comparison between the Galaxy S9 Plus and the Galaxy S10e and we are bringing it.

If you want to know what your next purchase could be between these two phones, follow this comparison here at TudoCelular.com.

Samsung 10 Jun

Galaxy S10e copies positives, but flawless iPhone XR |  An

Samsung 11 Mar

Comparative index


Samsung Galaxy S9 +

Visually, we have similar and different characteristics. Samsung has not moved radically in their devices since the Galaxy S8, so even though they are from different years, these two phones will look a bit similar.

The slightly curved rear is made of glass, and the rounded and shiny sides are made of metal. The buttons are on the same sides, the power button is different on the S10e. It is there that the biometric sensor, unique in the line with this characteristic, is located.

In the S9 Plus the sensor is at the rear, in a lower position and easier than that of its competitor, being more accurate. It is next to the dual camera module, with heart rate sensors nearby.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

The S10e also has this set, but it is horizontal. This is also a smaller phone, much smaller than many flagships on the market today. Therefore, it is lighter, thinner and smaller compared to the S9 +. Both are protected by IP68 and Gorilla Glass 5, in addition to being dual SIM. Both have the hybrid slot in the second microSD cradle.

Finally, because it is older, the Galaxy S9 + is from a time when notch was not yet “mandatory”, so it brings a larger top to accommodate cameras, while the S10e has a hole in the screen in the top corner left.

Both are well finished and open the scoring with a draw.

Best construction Both Slot is hybrid or not? None Do you have any resistance? Both Best solution of notch None Best solution of biometrics Galaxy S9 + Which is lighter and thinner? Galaxy S10e Best connection type None

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Galaxy S9 Plus vs Galaxy S10e: where to save on top of the line old?  | ...

If your goal is to have a smaller device, the S10e is arguably one of the best options. Its 5.8 inch Dynamic AMOLED FullHD + screen is a good choice, while for larger screens the S9 + features a 6.2 inch QHD + Super AMOLED.

The aspect changes from 18.5: 9 on the S9 + to 19: 9 on the S10e, which even with the notch brings less use of screen / body. It can also make a difference the curvature, which is large on the S9 + and totally flat on the S10e, making it reflect less light.

They bring HDR for you to check content with more quality, and it is plus in the S10e. They are bright displays with intense colors that although they are not the best in the category, they are well under the sun, with the S10e being more intense. There are several adjustments to make the color to your taste.

We have a tie with the definition of the S9 + and the most current technology of the S10e.

Better screen technology Both Better screen resolution Galaxy S9 + Better screen / body ratio Galaxy S9 + High Hz screen? None Overall quality of the Galaxy S10e screen


Galaxy S9 Plus vs Galaxy S10e: where to save on top of the line old?  | ...

Having two tops of line, we have stereo sound in both, and two headphones maintained by AKG. In the S10e the situation is better because, although both have P2 connection, the headphones of this one were renewed in relation to those of last year, and for that reason they have an even better quality.

In external sound, the two feature Dolby Atmos technology and are equally clear and loud. Like any smartphone, they sin a little bit in bass, but even at maximum volume they don’t distort. For Bluetooth, both have audio settings for higher quality.

The S10e takes the point by having enhanced headphones.

Sound is stereo? Both Have P2 input? Both Do you have high quality protocols and settings for Bluetooth and wire? Both Come with headphones in the box? Both


Galaxy S9 Plus vs Galaxy S10e: where to save on top of the line old?  | ...

In the system, the news is good. Although the S9 +, from two years ago, arrived with Android 8 Oreo, it is already updated to Android 10, as well as the S10e that arrived with Android 9 Pie. It is difficult for the S9 + to have a third update, and with Android 11 the S10e should go ahead.

Overall, the two bring OneUI 2.0 and virtually the same features, limited by one or the other camera feature. The OneUI, Samsung’s interface on Android, is full of features and adjustments, being good for those who like to move the device a lot.

In the connections we have Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC in both cell phones, but because it is newer the Galaxy S10e already arrives with the latest WiFi 6, although the S9 + has the ac and the two are dual band. The S10e does not have an FM radio and the S9 + still has an extra option of biometrics by the iris.

The S10e gets the point because it has more chances of updating.

How many biometrics solutions do you offer? Galaxy S9 + System well updated? Will both System be updated in the future? Galaxy S10e Which system or customization has more and better features? Are both missing connections? Are they left? Both


Galaxy S9 Plus vs Galaxy S10e: where to save on top of the line old?  | ...

The Galaxy S9 + is for those who are longing for the time when Samsung brought its flagships with Qualcomm chipsets, and here is the Snapdragon 845. On the S10e we already have the presence of Samsung processors, and what integrates this phone is the Exynos 9820 The two bring 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, plus the space for microSD.

In benchmarks like AnTuTu, the newest Galaxy S10e does 20% better in total numbers. In the opening tests, remembering that they were made in previous versions of the system of both, the S9 + managed to be 8% faster than its successor in line.

In general, this shows that the two stand up well in day-to-day performance, and approximate numbers of one minute in our tests confirm this. In games they also perform well, and you can run them whatever you want, without gagging.

Both perform well, but the Galaxy S10e has more time to last and takes the point.

Who does best in the opening test? Galaxy S9 + Who wins the most demanding games? Both Who has the best benchmark numbers? Galaxy S10e What is the most updated processor? Galaxy S10e Which has better RAM / processor balance Galaxy S9 + Which has more storage? none


Galaxy S9 Plus vs Galaxy S10e: where to save on top of the line old?  | ...

The S10e is the simplest of its line and the S9 + is from a time when Samsung did not really care about the battery. Therefore, we have the S10e with 3,100 mAh and its rival with 3,500 mAh, numbers considered low today.

The result is that, having the S9 + an older processor, the two ended up doing similar in our battery tests, reaching almost 14 and a half hours of use, low values ​​for what we currently have on top of the line smartphones.

With both you can spend a day away from the plug, but it will have to be more economical. And speaking of plug, because it has a smaller battery, the S10e takes just over an hour and twenty minutes to reach 100%, while the S9 + takes approximately 20 minutes more.

Both also charge wirelessly, and the S10e has the ability to reverse charge other devices with Qi technology.

With a smaller battery that lasts the same, reverse charging and spending less time in the socket, the S10e gets the point.

Which has more battery? Galaxy S9 + Which recharges faster? Galaxy S10e Which one lasts the longest according to the TC battery test? None Do you have wireless charging? Both


In a simpler time of yore, we didn’t have as many cameras on the devices as today is common even on cheaper devices. Therefore, our two competitors have a double set of cameras.

The S9 + has a 12-megapixel main wide sensor with variable aperture of f / 1.5-2.4 and PDAF and another 12-megapixel telephoto sensor with 2x optical zoom. The S10e also features a 12 megapixel wide sensor with variable aperture of f / 1.5-2.4 and PDAF and another 16 megapixel ultrawide sensor.

There are two different proposals, with the same main sensors. The latter benefit from the variable aperture that current Samsung devices no longer bring. Using manual mode, you can choose the best aperture for more or less light, leading to better photo possibilities.

With this sensor, excellent quality captures are produced, which still compete well with the current line tops today. They go well in difference and color balance, focus, cloudy situations, approaching objects and nightfall.

The S9 +’s zoom excels at night with its telephoto lens and optical stabilized autofocus, but the S10e’s ultrawide sensor also showed little difference in quality to the main sensor.

Using the same main set we have a lot of similarities, so we have a draw.

Best rear camera set None Best DxOMark if you have Only the Galaxy S9 + More balanced colors Both Best Galaxy S9 night photos + Best outdoor photos Both Best indoor photos Both

Photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy S9 +

For video, we have sets that have optical and electronic stabilization, in addition to good stereo audio capture. They are good for recording in 4K at 60fps with optical stabilization, which helps a lot, but only in videos of five minutes maximum in the case of the S9 +.

And while the S9 + can …


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