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Google Chrome begins to enable feature that brings floating media widget

by ace

Update: (10/07/2020) – By JS

Original post: (29/06/20)

It’s not long since Google Chrome implemented media control in the browser. This is a practical shortcut that appears when a song or video is playing on a tab. Before him, only a visual signal on the active guide signaled the source of the sound, but since its arrival it has become possible to pause or continue playing the content without necessarily finding the source guide.

This is a particularly interesting feature for those who use tabs as far as the eye can see, and may be on the way to becoming more practical: comments on Chromium Gerrit, the repository for browser updates, indicate that an update is in progress for the player can be detached from the address bar to be floated on the screen.

Thus, the user will have more freedom when using this small widget. The implementation is likely to come first through Chrome Canary, the most unstable version of the browser. Later, other channels may receive the news, until its official launch on public channels and through updates.

Remember, another implementation that may be released in the future for the market-leading browser is integration with Google’s AirDrop. Tests have already been spotted within the browser, so it should be a matter of time before the search giant releases its wireless file sharing between compatible phones and the internet application.

Earlier we saw that Chrome OS is also having new features studied, such as clipboard management – clipboard – but that it can only allow limited consultation of five user Control C + V activities.

And you, what do you think of all these functions in tests for Google’s internet products? Does any one in particular catch your eye? Tell us in the comments!


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