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Google releases Google Maps SDK for more Pokémon GO games

by ace
Google releases Google Maps SDK for more Pokémon GO games

Google is opening up its real-time map data platform. Until now, only selected partners had access to the wealth of information that the SDK offered. This allowed, for example, Niantic to implement Pokémon GO on mobile phones.

A second wave of partners was accredited in 2018 and thanks to that we saw some "clones" of the Game Freak monster game, but now, if you have the necessary knowledge, you can make your own augmented reality game with accurate maps!

It is necessary for the interested party to set up a Google Cloud Project account for their application and download the Maps SDK. It includes features already known to developers like the Semantic Tile API and Playable Locations API.

What's new are the Mixed Zoom and Pathfinding tools. The first generates a high level of detail for areas close to a player, while more distant areas exhibit progressively lower levels of detail, which helps to save hardware. The second is a tool for more complex modeling of the characters that can navigate the maps.

If you think that the market already concentrates a high number of games in this style, the trend is that with the democratization of access to this SDK many others will appear. The cool thing is that, depending on the differentials, we may see really new titles, or that push consolidated developers in this segment to further improve their products.

The tools released by Google need to be used by Unity, a popular development software on the market.

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