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Government facilitates humanitarian reception of Haitians

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Government facilitates humanitarian reception of Haitians

Ministry of Justice accumulates requests from Haitians and will facilitate the situation of these foreigners in Brazil. // Reproduction / Reproduction

The government will facilitate the legalization of Haitians living in Brazil. The humanitarian reception will be less bureaucratic, with the flexibility of the required documents required.

One of these measures is to consider the documentation Haitian already has on hand, and not require more of it, making the process difficult. The criminal background certificate, for example, will be facilitated. The Brazilian government is going to search this data in databases.

The initiative comes from the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs, which publish ordinance on Monday with these new rules.

The government's Department of Migration estimates that this measure will solve the problem of about 30,000 Haitian refugees pending applications at the National Refugee Committee (Conare).

Many Haitians were still looking for the institute of refuge because they felt they could not meet the requirements of the previous rules to obtain residence.

The research will be done before the residence is granted. The Haitian citizen will be in charge of seeking documentation, a very difficult process for him.

The government understands that this is a more modern view of the administrative process, of assuming and giving credibility to the good faith of the interested party.

“If, afterwards, there is suspicion that there may be fraud, the State checks and, of course, if a fraudulent document is found, legal consequences are imposed: the applicant loses the residence permit and is liable for any wrongdoing that he may have committed. ”Explains the director of the Immigration Department, André Furquim.


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