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Gremlin is an electric tricycle (and folds up to fit in any trunk)

by ace

Aero-service, a Polish company, currently has six electric vehicles in its sales catalog, each with an industrial aesthetic that has become a trademark of the company. Now, Jack Skopinski has revealed a seventh: a three-wheeled foldable e-scooter called Gremlin.

According to New Atlas, all of Skopinski's designs have things in common: they come in bright color options, boast a lot of rivets and generally lean on curves.

The first electric vehicle was an e-quad with an adaptable suspension system designed to adapt to changes in terrain and was introduced in 2015. This was followed by a three-wheeled vehicle in 2016. Then, the engineer deviated for electric inline skates before creating an off-road.

More recently, a reclining version of the trike has been added to the portfolio, along with the Boardzilla electric skateboard and an all-terrain quad bike designed to help disabled cyclists get around.

Now, we have arrived at Gremlin. Designed to bend to fit in the trunk of a car, the three-wheeled mini scooter has a forward tilt mechanism, so cyclists can lean in curves while riding at up to 25 kilometers per hour, courtesy of a 350 watt brushless motor.

The vehicle is powered by three 12-volt gel batteries for up to 30 kilometers per charge, mounted on a support behind the spike. A 36-volt lithium-ion battery can be optional for an additional range of 10 kilometers.

Made with aviation grade aluminum, the Gremlin oscillates 24.5 kilos alone, 37 kilos with the gel batteries and 27 kilos with the lithium ion battery.

Unfolded, the e-scooter is 114 inches tall and 111 inches long. The length increases to 120 when folded for transport, but measures only 68 in height. The thin rear wheel is wrapped in a 40 cm tire, while the two in the front have 25 mm thick tires. A disc brake at the rear gives stopping force.

Gremlin is available to order in a variety of bright colors for around $ 1,000. It can be delivered fully assembled or as a mounting kit.


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