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Hackers try to break Spanish health care system

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Hackers try to break Spanish health care system

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The Spanish health system is being targeted by several computer attacks that aim to "break the entire computer system" of health, the authorities denounce this Monday.

The Spanish Ministry of Internal Affairs warns that e-mails are being sent to the mailboxes of several health professionals with computer viruses and false messages. These actions aim to “provoke fear and panic in the population”, say the authorities quoted by the newspaper The world.

According to the Observer, more than 200 messages were identified that alluded to the population that was going to quickly buy groceries because the Government planned to tighten the restrictive measures of circulation of the Spaniards. However, the shared messages, which included audios, were false.

In addition, some e-mails tried to “extract” the passwords that health professionals use to access essential computer services.

The Spanish authorities are mainly concerned with the “very dangerous and malicious (computer) virus” that is circulating and trying to interrupt the operation of hospital servers.

"Be careful when opening electronic messages," said Jose Ángel González, of the National Police, who reports that the virus seeks to "access our systems, infect our computers and gain access to all of our keywords and personal information" .


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