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Harry and Meghan dismissed all their employees in London

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Harry and Meghan dismissed all their employees in London

Facundo Arrizabalaga / EPA

Prince Harry of England and American actress Meghan Markle

The British press reports on Friday that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have dismissed all their employees (15) in London, preparing to close the office at Buckingham Palace, UK.

According to Daily Mail, one of the British newspapers that accounts for this layoff, this is a clear sign that the couple does not intend to return to live in the United Kingdom after they announced that they would withdraw from the front line of the English royal family.

The Dukes of Sussex personally communicated the decision to their staff in mid-January, shortly after they revealed that they would be leaving.

“In view of the couple's decision to resign, it is no longer necessary to have an office at Buckinghan Palace (…) While details are still being closed and efforts are being made to redistribute employees within the royal home, there will be, unfortunately, some layoffs, ”a source close to the royal family told the British newspaper.

So far, it should be noted, there has not yet been an official confirmation about the closure of the couple's office at Buckingham Palace.

Among the staff members will be the couple's private secretary, Fiona Mcilwham, as well as their head of communications, Sara Latham, who previously worked for former President of the United States Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Sources cited by the same newspaper also reveal that the team "is very loyal" to Harry and Meghan and "respects the decision" that the couple made.

It was in early January and on the Instragram social network that the Dukes of Sussex announced that they would step away from the frontline of the English royal family.

“After many months of reflection, we chose to make a transition this year in what will be the beginning of our new role in this institution. We want to stop being high members of the royal family and work to be financially independent, while continuing to fully support Her Majesty, the Queen ”, it can be read.

The dukes reveal in the same publication that they will move to live between the United Kingdom and the USA, stressing, however, that they will continue to honor their "duty" with the Queen.



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