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Harvey Weinstein says his work for women “has been forgotten”

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Harvey Weinstein says his work for women “has been forgotten”

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Former film producer Harvey Weinstein complained that his work was "forgotten" following the accusations of dozens of women who charged him with crimes ranging from sexual harassment to rape.

In interview to the New York Post, quoted By the Observer, the former film producer stated: “My work has been forgotten. I've made more films made by women and women than any other film producer – and I'm talking about 30 years ago, not now that it's in vogue. I did it first, I was a pioneer. ”

Without commenting on the accusations against him – more than 70 women reported cases in which they felt raped and sexually harassed – Harvey Weinstein spoke of one of these actresses, Gwyneth Paltrow, stressing the wage conditions he gave her.

She was "the highest paid actress in an independent film, earning more than any man," she said, referring to the 2003 movie "Altos Flights". remembered In the New York Times, the actress accused Weinstein of having "seduced" her and brought her to a hotel room when she was 22, and said he tried to give her a massage.

Following the interview, a group of 23 women and alleged victims of the former film producer published a joint statement in which they attributed Weinstein an "attempt to manipulate and deceive society again."

“He says in a new interview that he doesn't want to be forgotten. Well, it won't be. You will be remembered as a sexual predator and an abuser who has no regrets about what he has done, taken everything and deserves nothing. It will be remembered by the collective will of countless women who have risen and said it is enough. We refuse to let this predator rewrite his legacy of abuse, ”reads the statement, quoted by the Guardian.

Among the women who signed the statement are actresses Rosanna Arquette, Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan. Rose McGowan tweeted: “I have not forgotten you, Harvey. My body has not forgotten you. I wish you had forgotten. I refused to sign a confidentiality agreement after what happened because I knew I would go after you. And so it was. This is all about stopping an inveterate violator. You".

I didn't forget you, Harvey. My body didn't forget you. I wish it could. I refused to sign an NDA after it happened because I knew I would come for you. And I did. This is about stopping a prolific rapist. You.

– rose mcgowan (@rosemcgowan) December 16, 2019

Harvey Weinstein's trial, which has pleaded not guilty, has been scheduled for Jan. 6. Among the most serious charges are one of rape and a charge of a former production assistant, who claims to have been forced to allow her to have oral sex in 2006.

A week ago, it was reported that Weinstein reached an agreement with more than 30 actresses and former employees, which were expected to pay $ 25 million by the Weinstein Company.


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