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Integration! Globoplay starts showing live Premiere games in app

by ace

This Friday (31), Grupo Globo announced that it will expand the integration of its digital platforms in sport. Starting this weekend, Globoplay will start showing the Premiere’s live games on its app, in addition to a dedicated 24-hour football channel.

Whoever signs the sports pay-per-view through the app will be able to log into the company’s streaming platform without any major difficulties. On the other hand, if the subscription is linked to a pay TV operator, the user will be referred to Globosat Play.

However, it is important to stress that Globoplay’s standard subscription will not give you the right to view football broadcasts. The initiative is just a way of not having to use more than one application to consume content from the same group.

According to the director of Digital Products and Services at Globo, Erick Brêtas, integration is yet another measure to reinforce the platform’s commitment to providing a series of access options in a single location.

“Premiere’s entry into Globoplay reinforces the platform’s commitment to offering consumers options to access the content they like most, the way they want it, in a unique environment, in a simple and organic way.”

Erick Brêtas

Director of Digital Products and Services at Globo

Globo’s streaming service will already feature Premiere broadcasts from the state championships semifinals. The subscription to the sports pay-per-view costs R $ 79.90 per month, or an annual plan with 12 installments of R $ 59.90.

Globoplay can be accessed through its official website or through applications for mobile devices. Download links are available on the card located below the text.

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