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International press echoes attack on Porta dos Fundo producer

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International press echoes attack on Porta dos Fundo producer

New York Times headline attacking backdoor producer Reproduction / VEJA.com

The attack on the headquarters of the Porta dos Fundo producer at dawn on the 24th, in the South Zone of Rio, was highlighted in newspapers and websites outside Brazil. The New York Times made a connection between an assertion by President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) during the election that Brazil needed to root out "cultural Marxism," with the speech of one of the hooded men who appears. in a video claiming authorship of the bombing and accusing the humorists of being "militant Marxists."

The international repercussion was corroborated by reports from Independent, from the United Kingdom, and from Clarín, from Argentina. The former pointed out that the mood troupe received an International Emmy for the Christmas movie released in 2018 and stated that Bolsonaro has described himself as a proud homophobic. The site also cited a tweet from the president's son, Federal Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (no party-SP), who recently called this year's Christmas special “junk”.

Already the Argentine newspaper described the film as "controversial" and recalled that the Back Door, the target of an online petition that gathers more than two million signatures calling for the removal of the movie that shows Jesus as homosexual, had already been boycotted.

The case was classified as extremely serious by the undersecretary of operational planning, Fábio Barucke. The group is expected to be responsible for the blast offenses and attempted murder, as the vigilante in the building housing the production company was on site and was at risk of being hit by the thrown Molotov cocktails. According to Burcke, it is only after the investigation is advanced that it will be possible to assess whether the case can be classified as terrorism.

On Thursday (26), the Civil Police reported that the video that circulated on social networks with the attack on the headquarters of Porta dos Fundo, in southern Rio de Janeiro, is compatible with security cameras in the region, but is not It is also possible to say if the people who appear in the images talking about the attack are the same people who committed the criminal act. “There is a chance that someone has edited this video and assigned it to the integralist group. We will continue the investigation to identify the real authors, ”said Delegate Marco Aurélio de Paula Ribeiro, who is responsible for investigating the case.


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