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iOS 14: iPhone 6S undergoes tests with the new system and shows performance …

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Last week, Apple introduced a number of new features, including the new version of its mobile operating system. THE iOS 14 promises to be the biggest update for the iPhone since its fourth version, bringing features like widgets on the home, app gallery that works similar to the Android app drawer, enhanced picture-in-picture mode and more.

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THE iPhone 6S is one of the devices on the list of compatibility with the new system, and although this is not a surprise considering Apple’s 5-year update policy, support for the already outdated device has raised doubts about the performance that its users could expect .

The 2015 flagship hit the market with an Apple A9 dual-core processor at 1.84GHz and 2GB of RAM, quite modest specifications for today. Still, according to tests carried out by youtuber Brandon Butch, the Apple smartphone does not look bad, and it surprises with an excellent level of performance even running iOS 14.

iOS 14: iPhone 6S undergoes tests with the new system and shows performance ...

Brandon shows all the new features of the update, and at no time did the device have difficulty performing the requested tasks. Regarding the battery, it is important to note that the use of widgets consumes a lot of energy, due to the updates that occur in the background.

Although the sixth generation of the device does not have a good reputation for autonomy, widgets are also affecting newer iPhones. Another important point to remember is that we are facing software in tests, which should receive optimizations and improvements until the official launch. You can check the complete test below:

The results obtained are not only good news for owners of a iPhone 6S, which at first can update without fear, as they still indicate a bright future for future Macs with ARM processors. With the right optimizations, the new computers from the Cupertino giant could change the computer industry as a whole.

(updated July 3, 2020, 10:22 pm)


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