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It does not know how many companies it has, nor if it is “the richest woman in Angola”. Isabel…

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It does not know how many companies it has, nor if it is “the richest woman in Angola”. Isabel...

Manuel Araújo / Lusa

Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos implies that Portugal has a "prejudice" against Angolan businessmen and that there is a "witch hunt" against her family. Statements in an interview with the Observer, where he assumes that he does not know how many companies he owns in Angola, nor if he is “the richest woman in the country” as Forbes points out.

In interview At the Hotel Ritz in Lisbon, Isabel dos Santos refuses to receive favor from her father, José Eduardo dos Santos, while he was President of Angola for almost 40 years.

The businesswoman says that it was not the father who chose her to lead the state oil company Sonangol, but the Angolan Government – which was “not chaired by my father, was chaired by the President of the Republic”, points to the Observer, maintaining that "You have to distinguish the person from the role.

“I have no doubt that the work I did at Sonangol was an extraordinary job” that “made a difference”, he further stresses, rejecting any benefits from his father to the four children who held positions at major Angolan companies while he was President of Republic.

“Son you will always be. But you are not only children, you are much more than children. Besides son has other categories, has other attributes ”, analyzes.

Isabel dos Santos also speaks of a “witch hunt” against her family, noting that there is “a tendency to make it appear that all the ills in society were the responsibility of a small group of people, who were the President and his family. family". “If you ask me if there is a persecution of the former President of Santos's family, yes there is, of course,” he concludes.

The businesswoman even says she has not been to Angola since 2018 because she is afraid, because she fears she may be a target of the high crime affecting the country.

Refuting Ana Gomes' money laundering accusations, Isabel dos Santos also accuses SIC of lying in the news that the businesswoman, husband and mother are cited in a report by Banco de Portugal due to control issues money laundering risks at BIC Bank. “This information provided by SIC does not correspond with the truth,” he says, speaking of a “clear intention to denigrate” his image.

"I don't see any other foreign investors being treated the same in Portugal," he adds, questioning whether there is in Portugal "a prejudice about investments coming from Angola."

In the same interview, Isabel dos Santos says she does not know how many companies she owns in Angola, but admits that they are “many”. “I don't know if I am the richest woman in the country,” he says, noting also that he is unaware of the invoicing values ​​of his companies.

“Doing this is not an exercise I do because I think it is not a useful exercise,” he says, pointing out that it is not “a single business group” and that “investments are separate investments”. But there goes on admitting that the numbers "are very large".


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