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It is possible to make a fabric mask in just a few seconds

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It is possible to make a fabric mask in just a few seconds

American surgeon general Jerome Adams said facial cloth masks can be made from ordinary household items.

Earlier this month, Jerome Adams, a surgeon general in the United States, left a warning to the general public that people should stop wearing medical face masks to protect themselves from the new coronavirus.

The truth is that, worldwide, millions of people have rushed to pharmacies to buy medical masks, causing a global shortage that has worried health professionals, who need this protective equipment to perform their work safely.

The United States is also grappling with this shortage of medical equipment. In an attempt to calm this rampant search for masks, Jerome Adams taught Americans to make their own “face covering” using an old sweater and elastic bands.

According to Mashable, just follow a few steps for people to be able to manufacture their own social protection equipment at home, the official explained in a video released on Friday by the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The video comes after the CDC recommended that Americans wear cloth masks to fill the scarcity of facial masks needed to protect doctors, nurses, and other professionals on the front lines in fighting new coronavirus.

To make the mask just use an old scarf, a bandana or even a t-shirt. In the case of the latter, you will have to cut the sleeves to keep a rectangle of fabric. Then, fold the bottom part in half and do the same with the top part. To reinforce your mask, repeat the same step, folding the lower and upper parts in half.

At the ends, place an elastic band and fold each side inwards. In a few seconds, and without much effort, you have your fabric mask ready to use.

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention is advising the use of facial cloth coverings during the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, the organization even mentioned that cloth masks are also very important for those who do not have any symptoms.

"The virus can spread among people who interact very closely with each other, even if these people do not show symptoms," wrote the CDC on the official website. "In light of this evidence, the CDC recommends the use of cloth face covers in public places, where social distance measures are difficult to maintain, especially in areas of significant community transmission."


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