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Jakarta, Indonesia floods kill at least 26 people

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Jakarta, Indonesia floods kill at least 26 people

Heavy clouds in Jakarta, Indonesia Adek Berry / AFP / SEE

At least 26 people have died and 60,000 are homeless in Jakarta, Indonesia's capital, after heavy rains hit the city during the night of Tuesday (31) and in the early hours of day 1.

According to meters installed at an airport east of the city, the storm poured 377 millimeters of water throughout the day over the capital, the highest reading since 1996.

Rivers that span the capital overflowed, flooding at least 169 neighborhoods. Serious landslides have also occurred in Bogor and Depok districts near Jakarta.

The information was released by National Disaster Management Agency spokesman Agus Wibowo.

Indonesian officials say the weather is likely to remain bad in the coming days, with further torrential rain expected until January 7.

With 30 million inhabitants, Jakarta is one of the cities most vulnerable to rising sea levels and floods on the planet.

In August 2019, Indonesian President Joko Widodo announced an ambitious plan to relocate the capital to a new location located east of Borneo Island.

Government institutions would begin to move to the new capital by 2024.

In addition to facing increasingly violent tides, a significant portion of the metropolis's soil is sagging due to the weight of the buildings.

According to experts, keeping the current pace, a third of the city can collapse and end up submerged by 2050.


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