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Kosovo government falls in the midst of Covid-19 crisis

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Kosovo government falls in the midst of Covid-19 crisis

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Disagreements over the management of the crisis caused by the pandemic of the new coronavirus led this Wednesday to the fall of the Kosovo government, which was only in power for seven weeks.

One of the two government parties, the conservative Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), presented a motion of censure against the Executive, which was part of the ultra-nationalist party Vetëvendosje (VV), of Prime Minister Albin Kurti .

The LDK proposal was supported by 82 of the 120 MPs, according to the Koha portal, which broadcast the 12-hour session.

Kurti argued in the plenary of deputies that his government is managing the Covid-19 crisis well and warned that the real reason for the motion to exist is to pave the way for an exchange of territories with Serbia, of which Kosovo has become unilaterally independent in 2008.

In Kosovo, one of the poorest countries in Europe, 71 people tested positive for Covid-19, with a further death toll from the pandemic. According to the weekly Express, the last few days have been marked by protests from citizens, from the verandas of their houses, who do not perceive the disagreement between the parties at a time like this.

During a parliamentary session, a citizen, violating the rules of confinement, even came up with a stripe that contained the inscription: “The most dangerous pandemic in Kosovo is the political class. They are a shame! ”.

LDK filed a motion of censure after Kurti dismissed LDK member Interior Minister for supporting the state of emergency decree to tackle the pandemic.

The measure, considered unnecessary and extreme by the Prime Minister, was proposed by the President of Kosovo, Hahim Thaci, who, in turn, criticized the Government for limiting the hours when citizens can leave.

The Kosovar government took office on February 3, after four months of negotiations.

The President must now ask Kurti to try to form a new Government. If this is not feasible, new elections will be held for the third time in three years.


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