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Luxembourg tests free public transport system on New Year's Eve

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Luxembourg tests free public transport system on New Year's Eve

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From March onwards, Luxembourg residents and workers may stop taking tickets on trains and buses. The system test will take place this Tuesday and Wednesday, the last day of 2019 and the first of 2020.

The Luxembourg Government announced in late 2018 that it intended to make the country the first nation in the world to abolish paid public transport. This is one of the most important steps taken by the Executive to encourage sustainable mobility.

Luxembourg City suffers from one of the worst road congestion crises in the world. According to INRIX Global Traffic Indexwho drove in the capital of Luxembourg in 2017 spent an average of 28 hours stuck in traffic

In addition to free movement within the country, cross-border bus and train tickets will be cheaper. About 110,000 people live in the country's capital, but 400,000 move daily to the city, coming not only from other parts of the country, but also from France, Belgium and Germany.

On the other hand, the measure will also benefit the approximately 1.2 million tourists that the country receives each year.

The idea was already part of the coalition government's plans led by Xavier Bettel, which had already promised to give priority to solving the country's environmental problems. Although the measure is costly, the Luxembourg state is saving money in the presence of inspectors and ticket agents.

This is not the first time the country has taken public transport measures to reduce the ecological footprint. Most passengers can now travel almost all over the country and pay only 2 euros for a two hour trip.

But in the northern city of Dunkirk, free buses have been available since 2018. The move has served to revitalize and lessen the hubbub in the city center and also to reduce the carbon footprint. Also in Tallinn, Estonia, all public transport is free for residents and visitors aged 65 and over since January 2013.


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