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Madeleine case: UK and Germany investigate new suspect

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Madeleine case: UK and Germany investigate new suspect

Madeleine McCann: last seen in 2007 Press Release / McCann Family / SEE

Police in the UK and Germany on Wednesday announced a new suspect in the case of the disappearance of British girl Madeleine McCann: a German man currently detained in a German prison for crimes of sexual assault. The authorities want to speak to anyone who has relevant information about the detainee, who is 43 and whose name, however, has not been released.

The authorities are especially looking to find out the whereabouts of two vehicles – which today are linked to the suspect – during McCann's disappearance in 2007. Both cars, a Volkswagen caravan van and a Jaguar, are currently in the possession of the police. German.

In addition to the two cars, two phone numbers from Portugal, where McCann was last seen, are new leads presented by authorities on Tuesday. The first number was used by the suspect and received a 30-minute call from the second number on the eve of the young woman's disappearance.

“More than 13 years have passed and loyalties may have changed. That guy is in prison… now is the time to move forward, ”said British chief of investigation Mark Cranwell.

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German police said they treated the case as a murder suspect, but did not believe the crime was pre-meditated, and said the man was involved in crimes such as break-ins and robberies. British authorities, however, still treat the case as a missing person.

McCann disappeared from his room on May 3, 2007, at the age of three, during a holiday trip in the Algarve region, Portugal, while his parents were having dinner with friends nearby, at the Praia da Luz resort.


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