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Microsoft may buy TikTok division in the United States

by ace

For weeks, TikTok has been the target of several actions by US companies or the government itself to promote the boycott of the social network in the country. As we have seen, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, started a movement on social networks to obtain support for the ban on the operation of the application on American soil.

With an imminent ban, a group of investors operating in the country made an offer to buy the app before its ban actually happened. That news was released days after a White House consultant made a statement that the Chinese app’s services could continue to be offered in the country if it becomes an American company.

Now, new information points to a possible purchase of the North American division of the app by Microsoft. These rumors about the involvement of Bill Gates’ company were raised by Charles Gasparin, a senior correspondent for the FOX Business Network, who confirmed the information today on his profile on Twitter.

These reports began to emerge after President Trump ordered – through the United States Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS) – the sale of this slice of TikTok, that is, its official transfer to the country through its acquisition by an American company .

According to Bloomberg, this request from the head of the White House is based on American concerns about installing the Chinese app on thousands of smartphones in the United States.

Although Charles Gasparin confirms the information, we must still await official information from TikTok or Microsoft to validate this alleged transaction. It is worth mentioning that other companies may also be in contact with ByteDance to purchase TikTok, but the reports, so far, only point to Microsoft.


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